Accelerated Database Administration 


Database Administration Bootcamp (03rd- 07th)

Oracle Database: SQL Workshop I Ed 2

Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop


Database Security Bootcamp (10th- 14th)

Introduction to Oracle Database Security Ed 1

Oracle Database 12c: Security


Database High Availability Bootcamp (17th- 21th)

Oracle Database 12c: Clusterware Administration

Oracle Database 12c: RAC Administration


Database Disaster Recovery Bootcamp (24th- 28th)

Oracle Database 12c: Data Guard Administration Overview

Oracle Database 12c: RAC and Data Guard Integration Workshop Ed 1


Accelerated Fusion Middleware


WebLogic Administration Bootcamp (03rd- 07th)

Oracle Fusion Middleware: Administration Overview

Oracle webLogic Server 12c: Administration I


WebLogic Advanced Administration Bootcamp (10th- 14th)

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration II

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Performace Tuning Workshop


Application Development Framework Bootcamp (17th- 21th)

Java SE 8 Fundamentals

Oracle Middleware 12c: Build Rich Client Applications with ADF Ed 1

Service Oriented Architecure Bootcamp (24th- 28th)

Oracle SOA Suite 12c: Essential Concepts Ed 1

Oracle SOA Suite 12c: Build Composite Applicaations

Oracle Certification Training

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The Oracle Database Architecture is one of the most widely used frameworks for collecting and retrieving data in the world today. It commonly includes a collection of operating-system processes and memory structures that function in conjunction with a data storage device. Oracle database solutions are designed to function in both minicomputers and high-end workstations as a driver for running database systems. It is a highly versatile system that offers multiple functions in different platforms. 

If you want to gain an edge in the highly competitive global IT industry, getting Oracle certification will make you a more attractive prospect for employers. 

Firstly, obtaining Oracle certification indicates an individual dedication towards further professional growth in the information technology industry, which is a positive sign for any employer. It is also an indication of the capabilities possessed by the individual, in terms of technical proficiency and readiness to contribute to operations. 

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